Gluten Free Offerings

Pizza!  Who wants to be subjected to just rabbit food while everyone else is mon-gin' with their hands on gooey cheese over Ma-mama's dough smothered in Daddio's sauce?  We feel for those with celiac's allergy so we sought the best crust available.  We're proud to say we've received nothing but huge complements on our 10" (Small) and now 14" (Large) crust and best of all it still gets smothered in Dad's sauce.  Only $2 and $4 extra respectively for these extraordinary pie crusts.

Gluten-free pasta is now also available!  Farmo gluten-free spaghetti can be substituted for any of our pastas for only $3 more!  Also- ask if gluten-free ravioli is available in stock!
We just couldn't let you eat great pizza without offering great gluten-free beer!  We are proud to sell Green's Amber- direct from Belgium.  Green's Amber is made from sorghum, millet, and rice.  This beer is hard to differentiate from a barley-based Belgian: malty-sweet, strong effervescence, and just the right balance of hops.  Brewed in the country where true artisans have brewed fine ales for centuries.  Proost!
So- what else do we offer that's gluten-free?  How about a Chicken Caesar Salad and the world's best Buffalo wings!  Come see us often as we try to grow our selection for you regularly.  Tell us what you love to eat!
Hand Crafted Pizza Pies, Sauces, and Sandwiches Made to Order
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